Lev Chitkov

Best certified leading and showman of Russia in English and French. Professional speaker and voiceover.

Experience and cooperation

Near Native Speaker

Lev Chitkov 2 years lived and worked in the US, is a graduate of the prestigious grant program Fulbright. At the moment I am the holder of the current IELTS certificate with the highest score on speaking skills.

Live. Radio

Lev Chitov is a professional radio broadcaster with experience in both regional and federal radio stations, including Love Radio and Russkoye Radio. This is the best proof of his mastery of speech and literacy.

from 5 to 5000 people

Lev Chitov held and conducts various events. From corporate trainings for 5 people, to open shows at the Crocus City Hall for 5000 people.


On average, Lev Chitkov holds more than 100 events per year. At the moment, more than 70% of them are corporate events of different scales. 30% are private closed events of a very high level.


I. Language

A deep understanding of the cultural characteristics of international clients and partners. High level of English without accent and working level of French.

II. Base

A huge base of ready-made concepts and formats for the event.

III. Solutions

Develop unique solutions for your event, as well as your own pool of proven partners and contractors, providing various services in the field of event organization.

IV. Bonus

Free add-ons for your event: scenario plans, slideshows, audio and video clips.


I. Shoumen

The role of a showman is akin to an artist's role - to be able to control himself and the public. This is taught for years. At the same time, media leaders, due to work in the frame or behind the scenes, do not always feel the audience and are often not ready to understand the audience and keep its attention. In 2013, I made an uneasy decision to finally get out of a comfortable radio studio, in an uneasy but fascinating world of living people, open and private events. After years and hundreds of events, I can say: the host of events, this is a real profession.

II. Moderator

The role of the moderator is difficult for the leading, accustomed to working in the entertainment genre. Few people are able to hold a business event in such a way as to support the level of the event and help guests and partners feel comfortable.

Experience of the moderator The festival "German in Cuba" (2013), the presentation of Wileyfox (2015), the reception of "Sberbank" at the World Economic Forum Davos (2015), the Sobranie (2014), the after-party Miss Universe (2013) Underground (2015), and many others.


Lev Chitkov is a professional announcer with experience since 2003. For many years of experience he has been voice-over of many TV projects, such as "Rich and Famous" on STS, "Vacations in Mexico" on MTV Russia, "The Little Ones" on TV channel Friday. Also in certain periods he played the role of the brand-voice of the channels "MTV Russia", Love Radio and a number of automobile brands.





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